Hypnotherapy Birmingham has successfully treated clients in the comfort of our therapy rooms in Edgbaston, Birmingham, enabling them let go of old patterns of behaviour and negative thought processes that were previously holding them back.

Hypnotherapy Birmingham has helped guide clients for the lasting results they want by addressing issues at the very core,treating the cause of the issue not the symptoms.

Stuart Downing
Stuart Downing

At different times in our lives we can all develop unwanted behaviours and the hardest part for most is admitting they have a problem in the first place.

Typical unwanted behaviours can include smoking, overeating, addictions, social anxieties, insomnia, depression, fear of flying or numerous other anxieties or weight/food related issues. Unfortunately, most people with these unwanted behaviours rely on pills and other forms of medication for greater convenience which only treat the symptoms and not the underlying core issues.

Since all our thoughts, behaviour and beliefs are guided by our subconscious mind, it is there that the root cause can be determined and beneficial change can begin with the aid Hypnotherapy. Using sophisticated and structured techniques to gain direct access to the subconscious mind, the root cause is determined and the deeply held beliefs which are limiting achievement or success, known as a ‘mind virus’ are then re-calibrated and updated with a more positive, achievable, appropriate programme. Hypnotherapy can help change deep routed negative patterns to empowering, strong, positive ones and in turn remarkable and permanent change can be made in moments.

Many clinical studies have shown hypnotherapy is a very successful method to help people lose weight, stop smoking,remove addictions, manage stress and anxiety, and remove phobias and fears. It can even help combat feelings of jealousy or envy. It is also the only alternative therapy approved by the NHS for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Hypnotherapy is the key to the door, unlocking your potential for rapid, long-lasting change.
You can live the life you truly deserve, living to your greatest potential, releasing negative thoughts, behaviours and emotions.

No more shame…blame…lack of self control, fear and regret. A new optimistic, bright future… fulfilling your needs, ambitions, dreams and goals.

Change will involve utilising rapid techniques, addressing the root causes not the presenting symptoms, consequently you save both time and money with fast improvement. No need for months or years to achieve effective life changing results.

Why choose a plaster? Break the negative cycle with its repetitive fear, self sabotage, relapse and sadness. Remove the blockages that prevent you leading a happy, confident, contented life.

You can live a calmer, happier, more balanced life-
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